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How I Spent My Summer Holidays

September 11, 2010

summer readingConsidering how long it has been since I last posted you might have come to suspect that I have given up on my quest. In truth it is quite the contrary. I have been reading my ass off.  As for the lack of posts, I do apologize.  I’m still getting into the swing of blogging and time seemed to get away from me this summer.

I also confess to not having a great deal of motivation to write reviews of the books I have been reading. After a few posts of that nature I felt as though I was back in grade school writing book reports. It was taking some of the joy out of the whole project. I’m not saying that I won’t write any more reviews, but rather that I need to find ways of making it fun.  Given that most of the titles on the list are classics or popular fiction and have been read by millions of people before me, I often feel as though I don’t have many new ideas to offer.

The count now stands at 131 books read from the list, which I am quite chuffed about.  My goal, based on the pace that I set last year, was to read 20 books from the list in 2010. I have already well exceeded that, and might even have doubled it by the time the New Year rolls around.

I was on quite a Comedy kick in June and July, tearing my way through several Wodehouses, Waughs, and Sparkses. Lately I have had more of an appetite for Crime, having finished off the last of the Christies and reading my first Buchans.

As I mentioned in my ode to The Binder, I quite enjoy poring over the list and seeing what sounds interesting. As a result I have ended up with most of the list memorized. So I was quite horrified recently when I finished reading The Wizard of Oz and went to cross it off the list only to discover that it wasn’t on the list at all. At first I was incredulous, but eventually had to admit my error.  Ironically it was the first book in ages that I was eager to write a post about.

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