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What’s That Sound?

January 8, 2012

You may have noticed a chirping emanating from the right pane of this page that wasn’t there before. No it’s not The Sound and the Fury or the tolling of Hemingway’s bell. Rather, it my brand new Twitter feed. Some of you already follow me as @Steph_Spencer21, and by all means please do so if you want to receive my musings about the awesomeness of ukulele, tango lessons, dodgy travel advice, Doctor Who and other random nonsense. However, if you want a steady stream of tweets about nothing but books and reading, please follow @1000_Novels.

The latest tweets will also be visible on this blog, and it will be a good way to keep up with my reading progress. I tend to let blog posts percolate in my mind for a while and seldom write about a book at the time I’ve read it. If you follow my tweets you’ll have up-to-the minute updates on what I’m reading and some of the insights (be they humourous, profound, idiotic or otherwise) that spring to mind spontaneously.

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