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About Me

Hello!  My name is Stephanie and I have challenged myself to read all of the books on the Guardian’s list of 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read. I began this quest in January 2009, but only started blogging about it in March 2010. According to my calculations it will take me about 45 years to read my way through the list.

I am a lifelong reader and booklover who will read anything with words on it. Really. Most of my closest friends are members of my book club, and my favourite place to go is the library. I take book-related vacations. It’s sad, really.  Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy my quirky perspective and will come along for the ride.

In real life I am a writer from Ontario, Canada with a house full of books who tells herself that reading isn’t just fun, it’s “research.”

About the Writing

I write for a living (copywriting), but my blogs are strictly for fun. They are my sandbox, where I come to play with words. Ergo, what you read here might not always be of the standard you would expect from a professional. I aim for every post to be engaging and entertaining, but most of them are written off the cuff with minimal or no editing. There will be typos. There will be gaffes. There will be cliches, and possibly even a mixed metaphor or two. There will even be telling where there could be showing, and other heinous word crimes. And I’m okay with that, as long as you don’t hold it against me. If you’re in the market for copywriting and want to see “real” writing samples, feel free to contact me.


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